VI.C.A.S. is an agricultural cooperative that is composed of about 250 wine-growing members with small and medium sized estates in the hills of the Arno and Sieve, an area where Chianti, Chianti Rufina and noble IGT wines from Tuscany are produced. The grapes come from vineyards that extend for about 400 hectares on the Florentine hills, many of which have been renewed in recent years, in order to constantly improve the quality of traditional DOCG and to create new wines with a more modern taste.

Given the small size of our production facilities (maximum capacity 38,000 hl), quality continues to be the main objective of the VI.C.A.S. Winery and represents the real value of its activity. The Cooperative provides technical assistance to its wine-growing members and constantly invests in the technological and wine-making sector, with the aim of maintaining the high quality level of our products and exalting the peculiarities of our territory.

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